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Exactly, unique infrastructure has been uprooted towarDs Rosslare including from Waterford and the fact that no train meets the French ferries means that it is an incomplete service so passengers have no potion but to find another way. In Cherbourg on the other side itís the opposite case rail option working and available. Rosslare railway is going the way of many lines being gradually run down and can be justified by passenger numbers that simply reflect a poor service.
Erm there is a rail connection off the Irish Ferries sailing into Rosslare.

The ferries arrive from France at either 11:00 or 11:30. The train leaves at 12:55.

That allows for wriggle room if the ferry is late.

In the last year the Stena sailings between Rosslare and Fishguard have changed times and now 3 sailings out of 4 are rail connected at Rosslare.

Arrival Ex Fishguard at 04:00 (Rail connection at 05:35 Mon-Fri)
Arrival ex-Fishguard at 16:25 (Rail connection at 18:00 Mon-Sat; 17:40 Sun)

Departure ex-Fishguard at 18:10 (Rail connection arrives at 16:28 Mon-Sat; 16:35 Sun)

I'm not quite sure your doomsday statements about the Rosslare line have any basis in fact given that the number of rail connections have actually increased in the last year, not dropped.
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