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Unread 08-12-2013, 20:53   #21
Really Really Regluar Poster
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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
Not sure what the previous post means - or am I taking it too seriously ! Still I suppose fare paying punters shouldn't be so ungrateful as to whinge about operational incompetence. Does that meet your definition of apoplexy ?
You see Inniskeen, if it worked too well it might have to be done EVERY YEAR. That would never do

@James Howard: you can get a bus in Toronto at 4am and it costs exactly the same as 4pm. No "public transit sin tax" here.
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Unread 09-12-2013, 09:29   #22
James Howard
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Not being familiar with Toronto I don't know if they have the same problems with threatening, abusive and violent behaviour late at night as we have hear but I suspect it isn't as bad.

It is common practice in Ireland to charge extra late at night to pay for security and insurance. This is done for transport, pubs and even in food outlets. This security has to be provided and so has to be paid for.

As somebody who is highly unlikely to take a late night DART, while it is nice to see Irish Rail provide it, I would rather that my already expensive commuter fare not be put towards subsidising a discount late-night DART service. I think that a 12:30 service is one thing and is close enough to normal operating hours that normal fares are reasonable as a one-off, but when you get beyond 1AM, normal price service becomes untenable really. The service this year can probably be written off as an exercise in marketing as way to generate good-will and as a way to judge the feasibility of operating such a service more regularly.

It would also be very nice to see a Friday night service past Maynooth that leaves Dublin later than 1905 but I guess we can whistle for that.

I spent several months in Tokyo about 15 years ago and even they shut down for 4 hours a night leading to quite a few mad nights out where you just stay out until the first train.
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Unread 14-12-2013, 20:40   #23
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Any feedback on 1st night? I went for a nitelink at 2am, and there was huge demand with completely full buses. Large queues for taxis.
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Unread 14-12-2013, 23:12   #24
Mark Gleeson
Technical Officer
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I will be on it next Friday hopefully
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Unread 17-12-2013, 14:58   #25
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Originally Posted by Inniskeen View Post
Ok, fair enough, then DART goes at 0030, Drogheda train at 0045 not the normal nonsense of DART at 0030, and Drogheda train at 0033.
Seems someone at IE liked that idea, they have a DART-, all stops to Howth at 0130 and a Drogheda train, all stops from Howth Jnc to Drogheda at 0145. New Year's Eve.

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Unread 17-12-2013, 20:34   #26
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And a 01:40 pearse to maynooth
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Unread 17-12-2013, 21:07   #27
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Default First night feedback

On Friday night (13/12/2013) I reached Dublin last thing on one bus and was making an onward journey less than an hour later on one of JJ Kavanagh’s late services from George’s Quay (near Tara Street station). So rather than a long wait streetside, sampling one of the late night DARTs kept me occupied!

Entering Connolly slightly after midnight (now Sat 14/12) I glanced at the main board and was a little concerned that apart from one train (an arrival at 00.05 I think) there were no other trains displayed.

I checked with the IÉ member of staff at the ticket gates who confirmed that the 00.30 to Bray was operating and would depart from Platform 6. After spending a few minutes in the main concourse and topping up my Leapcard I duly proceeded to the platform. There were several people already there and two security personnel.

Further passengers came bit by bit – mainly individuals but a few duos also. A few people chatted but there was no untoward behaviour of any sort and it felt quite safe.

A long DART arrived into platform 6 at what I recall was a tad before 00.20. The destination was soon set and it became available for boarding. The platform information screens displayed the details of the trains. The DART was also announced over the public address.

The 00.30 to Bray departed Connolly at 00.32 with what I’d reckon was somewhere in the teens to into the twenties onboard. Around 20-30 remained waiting on the platform for the northbound DARTs. At Tara Street a good crowd (at least 30 – could have been 50 or more) boarded the Bray-bound DART that I alighted from and there were around 20-30 intending passengers on the northbound platform. Again no rowdy behaviour of any sort was evident.

So first impressions are that the initiative is successful. Presumably the displaying of the late DARTs on the departure board at Connolly can be addressed relatively easily. I also saw posters promoting the DARTs in the station. Perhaps the next step is a brand for these night DART and suburban services.
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Unread 19-12-2013, 18:01   #28
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There appears to have been a minor mistake in the original press release regarding the Drogheda train being at 01.45.

The Journey Planner showed and continues to show it to be at 01.50 ex Pearse and the press release has apparently been adjusted to reflect this.
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