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Unread 04-05-2010, 12:15   #1
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Default [13/05/2010] Dublin 15 public transport meeting in The Paddocks, Littlepace 8pm

for those of you interested, joan burton will be hosting a dublin 15 public transport meeting thursday 13th may at 8pm upstairs in the paddocks in littlepace.

the meeting will be attended by dublin bus, discussing the changes to the dublin 15 bus routes and will also be attended by irish rail to discuss developments railwise in particular the reopening of the dunboyne/pace line later this year. There will also be a q&a session.

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Unread 04-05-2010, 12:38   #2
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Taken from joan burtons website

Joan Burton to host Public Transport Meeting

Venue: The Paddocks, Littlepace (Upstairs Lounge)
Date: Thursday 13th May 2010 at 8pm

I will host a public meeting on Thursday 13th May to deal with public transport issues facing Dublin 15. Representatives will be on hand from Dublin Bus, to explain the new Dublin 15 bus network, and from Iarnrod Eireann to give an update on rail services. There will also be a Q&A session.

We hope that you can attend and all are welcome.

Speaking in advance of the Deputy Joan Burton said: I have been campaigning for years to deliver better public transport for Dublin 15.

I have held meetings like this in other years, and they have always been very well attended. People in newer areas of Dublin 15 are not the best served by public transport, and are hungry for more buses and trains in their areas.

Dublin Bus are rolling out new bus routes and networks all across the city. There will be significant changes in the Dublin 15 area and they have agreed to come to our public meeting to explain the changes and answer questions.

We also hope to have a representative from Iarnrod Eireann to give us an update on the new stations to be opened at Hansfield and Pace later this year. These new stations are much-needed and long-awaited. They should really improve the accessibility of areas like Ongar and Littlepace, slashing the journey time to Dublin city centre.

Most other capital cities around Europe have quality public transport networks, and Dublin should be no different. It not only improves quality of life, but helps make the economy more competitive and makes it an attractive destination for inward investment.

While there have been some improvements recently, we have not seen anything like the investment necessary to meet the needs of a growing Dublin 15 population. More people would leave their cars at home if they felt they could rely on the bus being on time, being able to get a place on the train or get to the airport without having to go all around the world.

"Internationally, it has been shown that the quickest and most cost effective way to improve public transport is to invest in buses. The Minister for Transport has shown reluctance about investing in more new buses. We have a bizarre situation where there road space is being given up for bus corridors, but money is not being provided to run buses in them. Theres a clear lack of joined-up thinking there and this needs to change.

I will continue to press the Minister for Transport, Iarnród Eireann, the Rail Procurement Agency and Dublin Bus for an improved and integrated bus & rail system for the people of Dublin West.

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Unread 13-05-2010, 13:09   #3
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Default bump!

just a reminder that this is on tonight from 8pm.

Also worth mentioning dublin bus are answering questions related to the blanchardstown changes in the shopping centre today 2-8.
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Unread 18-05-2010, 16:18   #4
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Default Items that came up at meeting

Was at this meeting - main items relating to Rail ( I am going from memory so anyone reading this heard something different correct me) :
  • Irish Rail will have Hansfield ready when new M3 Parkway to Docklands service starts but unlikely to open on time as Ongar link road being provided by developer and no date on opening.
  • Irish Rail or council have no firm date from developer and Joan commented that pressure being put on from every angle to get complete - we will see ;< Noticed on leaflet through door from Leo Varadkar that he is saying October/November.
  • Two other entrances for station in planning permission not available and no indication if or when developer will do. Politicians urged residents to put in submission to Fingal development plan about these two entrances to put pressure on developer and keep in focus of council.
  • There will be no parking at Hansfield and never will be (written into planning permission). Joan said all local TDs argued this with planners but no movement.
  • New service from M3 Parkway will operate off peak weekdays and at weekends in addition to present Clonsilla to Dockland peak times. No decision yet on frequency.
  • Level Crossings - 6 level crossings from city centre to Clonsilla can be completed in three years if Irish Rail receive funding and planning permissions run to schedule (few laughs around room when this item mentioned).
  • Clonsilla level crossing causing traffic discruption when closed, peak time over crowding and size of Hansfield station overshadowing some housing main other items that came up.
Outside above most questions were actually for Dublin bus and DB guys presenting were very good (Ray in particular really knew his stuff) and would recommend going to public sessions with Dublin Bus on changes. (and no I don't work for DB). Going on what they said O'Connell bridge is going to get very, very busy.

Irish rail guys well able to answer questions but had no presentation or handouts which meant things like Dart Connector went completely over most people's heads in room despite a plug from Joan at end of meeting.
Irish rail rep made a big deal over electrification and bi directional signalling as the solving of all ills on line.
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