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Colm Moore
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Default Electric Picnic

A faster way to the Electric Picnic by Marketing Department

Portlaoise is just 12km away from Electric Picnic and with plenty of shuttle buses and taxi services running to and from Portlaoise station there is no excuse not to take the train! With fares from only €17.40 Student return and €24.50 Adult return available from Heuston station.

Scheduled Train Services

Friday & Saturday -3rd & 4th Sept Dublin - Portlaoisehttp://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#Friday
Sunday - 5th Sept Portlaoise -Dublin http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#sunday
Monday - 6th Sept Return Services http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#Sat

Shuttle Bus / Taxi Services*

Shuttle Bus Services http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#Shuttle
Taxi Service to/from Portlaoise http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#bands
*Disclaimer http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#disclaimer

Support the Local Musicians

Laois Bands for Electric Picnic http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#bands
Nova Static http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#bands
James O'Connor http://www.irishrail.ie/news_centre/news.asp?action=view&news_id=883#bands

Friday 3rd & Saturday 4th Sept Services Heuston to Portlaoise

Time Origin Destination
Dept: 06:15 Arr: 07:22 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 07:00 Arr: 07:52 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 08:30 Arr: 09:32 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 09:00 Arr: 09:54 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 09:15 Arr: 10:25 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 10:00 Arr: 10:52 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 10:15 Arr: 11:15 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 11:00 Arr: 11:56 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 13:00 Arr: 13:56 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 15:25 Arr: 16:25 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 16:25 Arr: 17:18 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 17:25 Arr: 18:34 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 18:05 Arr: 19:14 (FO) Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 18:40 Arr: 19:45 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 19:00 Arr: 19:57 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 21:00 Arr: 21:55 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 22:10 Arr: 23:22 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 19:00 Arr: 19:53 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise
Dept: 21:00 Arr: 21:56 Dublin Heuston Portlaoise

Sunday 5th Sept Return Services Portlaoise to Dublin

Time Origin Destination
Dept: 09:52 Arr: 10:58 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 11:30 Arr: 12:35 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 11:52 Arr: 12:58 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 13:52 Arr: 14:58 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 17:52 Arr: 18:58 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 19:54 Arr: 21:00 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston

Monday 6th Sept Services Portlaoise to Dublin

Time Origin Destination
Dept: 06:20 Arr: 07:30 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 06:49 Arr: 08:03 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 07:10 Arr: 08:23 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 07:20 Arr: 08:33 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 07:35 Arr: 08:45 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 07:55 Arr: 09:00 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 08:50 Arr: 09:50 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 11:18 Arr: 12:25 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 13:21 Arr: 14:25 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 14:12 Arr: 15:15 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 15:18 Arr: 16:25 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 17:17 Arr: 18:23 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 18:22 Arr: 19:30 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 19:24 Arr: 20:25 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 20:22 Arr: 21:25 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston
Dept: 22:17 Arr: 23:23 Portlaoise Dublin Heuston

For other Origin/Destination Stations please use our Journey Planner to find the best train times for you: Journey Planner http://www.irishrail.ie/your_journey/timetables.asp

Shuttle Bus Information

Martleys of Portlaoise: Shuttle buses all weekend to/from Portlaoise Train Station to Stradbally every hour. Fare: €5 per person one way. For more information on Martleys go to www.martleys.com or call 05786 20888

(Other Bus Operators maybe servicing this event) If you wish to have your service offering for this event on this page please email marketing@irishrail.ie with all of the details.

Taxi Information

Portlaoise CO-OP Taxis: Tel: 057 86 65555
A1 Team: Large fleet of taxis and mini buses. Tel: 057 86 82222
Individual Taxis
• Pat Byrnes Taxi Tel: 087 2857264
• Carrolls Xpress Taxis Tel: 057 86 65000
• Martin's Taxi Tel: 086 8770273
• Streetcars Tel: 057 8660626
• Dunnes Taxi Service Tel: 057 86 60022
• Hughies Taxi Service Tel: 057 8662555
• Andrew Molloy Tel: 057 86 22740

*Disclaimer: Iarnród Éireann has no affiliation with any of the shuttle or taxi services running from Portlaoise Station. Please contact them directly with any queries.

Click here to go to ElectricPicnic.ie

So beat the traffic this year! Take the train and feeder bus, and be in time to catch the local Laois bands Nova Static and James O'Connor who have been picked to open the Picnic

If we're missing any information on this page please contact marketing@irishrail.ie

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