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About Us

Rail Users Ireland is Ireland's National Rail Users Organisation.

We are objective observers and customers of Ireland's rail transportation network. We want the provision of excellent customer service to rail transport users and international best practice applied to the development of Mainline, Suburban, Metro and Light Rail transport in Ireland. We are ordinary rail users just like you, and we aspire to being your voice in the media and at Operator/Government level.

Since our formation in January 2003 under the name of Platform 11, we have managed to become regular contributors to Ireland's media. We are proud of the fact that we have now graced the airwaves of all national Radio and Television stations and have been featured in many national newspapers. Our contribution to both local Radio and local newspapers continues to grow in all regions served by the rail network. In April 2003 we addressed the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Transport. We engage with and assist independent local rail users groups. We contribute to the public consultant and public inquires of new rail projects with substantial success.

You can listen to many of our recent radio pieces through our podcast facilities

Rail Users Ireland is a member of the European Passenger Federation, the European level representative body of rail passenger groups.

The Rail Users Ireland Organisation

The organisation consists of a committee with a number of sub committees. All positions are by public vote subject to the requirements of the approved constitution. All committee members are resident in the Republic of Ireland, virtually all members are living or working in Ireland, the majority of whom are frequent rail users. While the committee members are knowledgeable on all matters rail they perform their work voluntarily and do not work in the rail industry and thus are fully independent.

The Rail Users Ireland committee currently consists of s

  • Chairperson - Thomas J. Stamp.
  • Treasurer - Mark Gleeson.
  • Local Liaison Officer - Colm Moore
  • IT Officer - Thomas Ralph

Like any society or voluntary body the operation and organisation of Rail Users Ireland is regulated by a formal constitution. An annual general meeting is held each year to elect committee members. Minutes, agendas and copies of presentations are available online to members.

At each years AGM we try where possible to have a keynote talk from a key figure in transport in Ireland. In 2007 Prof James Wickham author of 'Gridlocked' attended and in 2006 Mr Tom O'Reilly of the Railway Procurement Agency gave a presentation.

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