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Get Involved

Welcome to our "get involved" section.

We need you to join, to ensure that our rail network runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We want your views, your opinions, your suggestions and hopefully your help, in fighting for what is rightfully ours, a competent, clean, efficient and modern rail network. So don't just read our message board, login, join in and become a member of Rail Users Ireland. If you would like any further info, email me at the address below. Don't forget, this is for everyone to get involved in. We also have great craic at our committee meetings and AGM. Who knows you could be on the Committee this time next year. So Come on, send your annual fee of only €10 to ensure that we keep the fight alive and kicking.

Many Thanks to all who have joined to date and we look forward to hearing from the rest of you soon.

Membership enquiries

If you are interested in joining Rail Users Ireland, or would like to learn more about becoming a member, contact the Membership Officer

To join:

Online discussion

Rail Users Ireland has a lively discussion board, which averages about 50 posts a day. You will have to register in order to read or post messages on the board. Visit the Rail Users Ireland message board Members of Rail Users Ireland get access to private areas of the discussion board.

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