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Angry about new timetable? Get in touch

December 1st 2009

On November 29th 2009, Irish Rail without any public consultation radically changed the suburban rail timetable in Dublin. Despite Irish Rail denials this has reduced peak hour DART services by up to 33%, leading to dangerous levels of overcrowding.

Morning depart Dalkey arrive Pearse between 8am and 9am
YearNumber of Services Average Wait Time
2008/978.5 minutes
2010512 minutes

Reduction = 28%

Evening depart Tara Street southbound between 5pm and 7pm
YearNumber of Services Average Wait Time
2006139.2 minutes
2008/91210 minutes
2010815 minutes

Reduction = 38.5% since 2006, 33% since 2008/9

Northern line passengers must endure longer journeys as those trains must make extra stops to make up for the lack of DART services. This new timetable has led to significant delays as no sense is applied to the order of trains.

Despite over 1 billion euro in investment, massive fare hikes and parking charges, all claimed to fund an 'improved' service, the service is getting worse not better. It blatantly clear that Irish Rail management have failed utterly in their responsibility to meet the needs of the public.

In the short term we are seeking an immediate restoration of the 2008/9 rail timetable at peak hours, followed by a 4 week period of public consultation to develop a new passenger friendly timetable, to resolve not only these issues but many others.

You can sign our petition online, download and print the petition email us at or visit our forum

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