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New Lift Security Measures

March 4th 2020

Roll out of security intercoms across network underway

As part of a program to reduce the number of lifts out of service, new security measures are being put in place to ensure only those persons with a legitimate need may access the lift.

To access to lift press the intercom button. This will connect you to the security centre. There is a camera on the intercom. The security operator will unlock the lift.

Irish Rail management outlined the project to Rail Users Ireland members in 2019, it represents a lost cost and practical solution to a major problem. Irish Rail is to be commended for this simple engineering solution which ensures lifts are available for those who need them.

An additional CCTV camera monitoring each lift door is also provided.

These measures ensure the lift is available for those with a legitimate need, reducing delays and blocks access to those who would vandalise the lift.

Anti-social behaviour

Vandalism, broken glass, damaged controls, graffiti, drug paraphernalia, bodily fluids all require lifts to be taken out of service for repair and deep cleaning. Anti-social behaviour is the primary reason lifts are out of service.

Howth Junction

Howth Junction suffered heavily in the past with out of order lifts. Installation of this new system has resulted in almost total elimination of anti-social behaviour and vandalism of lifts. We are aware of no lift breakdowns at Howth Junction since the new system went live.

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