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Transport 21 - The Ten Year Plan ?

Transport 21 - the government's 10 year plan for transport - was announced at an event in Dublin Castle on Tuesday 1st November 2005. The plan proposes an investment of €34.4 billion, €26 billion of which will come from government funds, and the rest as PPP (Public Private Partnership). The public transport element of the plan is worth a total of €16 billion.

Rail Users Ireland's reaction to the plan

The vision set out in the government's announcement in November is broadly one that Rail Users Ireland supports. We are happy that the government is finally realising that we can't build more roads to end the gridlock, and that serious investment in public transport is necessary for a vibrant economy and healthy society.

However, we have serious doubts about the viability of the timelines and budgets proposed. We have seen major cost over-runs with Luas and the Port Tunnel, and we are not confident that these lessons have been learnt yet. Also, the timings given for the implementation of various rail projects ignores the priority of different projects. Two of the most important projects for easing the chronic congestion on roads and rail lines out of Dublin, the Navan rail link and the DART extension through the city, are being left until last. There is a strong possibility that due to cost over-runs and political meddling that the most important projects may not be built at all.

More details about the 10 year plan

The only details made available are the documents handed out at the event in Dublin Castle, available here (1.3mb)

Over the coming weeks, months and years this site will fill up with all the information we can find, as well as progress and the lack thereof. Please bear with us while we gather all the information together to fill in the blanks.

A brief summary of the public transport elements is available in our news section

Key Sections


The quoted costs of the public transport element are €16 billion.

Since government has decided not to publish any costings of individual projects Rail Users Ireland in the interest of transparency is working to produce a costs breakdown as far is practicable.

Costs breakdown (currently incomplete)

Dublin Transport Authority

The Dublin Transport Authority is a new agency to manage all transportation in the Greater Dublin Region.

Professor Margaret O'Mahony from TCD was to lead this authority which is to be given powers to supervise and manage the implementation of those elements of the 10 year plan with effects in the Greater Dublin Region. Following the publication of a somewhat controversial report in March 2006 Professor Margaret O'Mahony resigned as interim head.

What's Missing

Despite a proposed spend of €16 billion several low cost projects which could be implemented quickly have been ignored.

Whats Missing

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