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Carrying bikes on trains in Ireland

Irish Rail publish sketchy information about carrying your bike by train in Ireland, so we have compiled a definitive guide for passengers who wish to bring a bike on the train. Upcoming EU regulations will make such information a legal requirement.

Irish Rail will carry your bike on all Intercity branded train services for free, provided you book ahead. The bike travels in the luggage van (at Dublin end of train always) or in a special rack if provided. Folding bikes, if covered, are carried for free as normal luggage on all trains (also on Luas).

In general all trains shown as Intercity in the online timetable can carry bikes. All trains listed as suburban, also can however this cannot be guaranteed. Space is limited and an interim booking solution is available online from January 1st 2010. You must book your seat at the same time as you book your bike. Any issues concerning the booking system - please let us know

Rail Users Ireland is working together with groups representing cyclists from Dublin, Galway and Mayo to improve facilities on board Intercity services for bikes, a new bike rack has been provided on the new trains as a result of these efforts, however much remains to be done.

Services you can carry your bike on

  • Dublin-Cork*
  • Dublin-Belfast*
  • Dublin-Tralee
  • Dublin-Westport
  • Dublin-Galway
  • Dublin-Limerick
  • Dublin-Waterford
  • Dublin-Sligo
  • Dublin-Rosslare (but not on services with a destination or origin of Gorey or Wexford)
  • Dublin-Kildare-Portlaoise commuter services

Normal space is for 2 bikes per train but may be up to 6 spaces on certain routes (*). Irish Rail provide some details here.

For Dublin Cork/Belfast bikes must be placed in the luggage van at the Dublin end of the train. On all other routes locate the wheelchair accessible coach which is at the front/rear of the train. On intercity routes this is normally coach C on a 3 coach train, D on a 4 coach or coach E on a 5 coach train, a bike rack is provided at the outer (drivers cab) end of this coach.

Photos of the bike racks current fitted

Bikes on Commuter Services

Between 10:00am and 3:30pm and after 7pm and at all times weekends bikes may be carried on Dublin and Cork area commuter services for free. Note on days of major sporting/concert events carriage of bikes may be withdrawn. Outside these hours bikes are not permitted unless they are folded bikes.

  • Dublin - Maynooth commuter services
  • Dublin - Balbriggan - Drogheda - Dundalk commuter services
  • All DART services
  • Cork - Cobh/Midleton

Cost (Intercity journeys only)

The cost of bringing your bike depends on the distance you are travelling:

  • €2.50 for up to 56km
  • €4.00 for 57km-108km
  • €5.50 for 109km-137km
  • €8.00 for 138km+

Note bikes travel for free on Dublin area commuter services within permitted off peak times. These are single fares, return fares double except for 109km-137km which is €10.50. Passengers travelling Belfast Dublin may be permitted to carry a bicycle for free but the opposite is not true. Passengers should note beyond main stations many ticket checkers will not charge for bikes.

Bikes booked online are subject to a flat 6 euro fee per journey per direction

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