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Guide To Complaining

As we all well know Iarnród Éireann don't respond to complaints, they say they do but the overwhelming majority of people complain of no response or an excessive delay.

Iarnród Éireann undertakes that correctly addressed written correspondence to the Customer Services Section (Southern & Western, Northern & Eastern or DART) will be acknowledged within five days of receipt. The matter will then be investigated and in 90% of case a written reply will be forwarded within fifteen working days.

The above is taken from an internal Iarnród Éireann document known as the "Memorandum of understanding on Service Levels and Targets", this document is deemed commercially sensitive so the public have no way of knowing what the standards actually are. That said, Rail Users Ireland has a copy and needless to say we didn't get it from Iarnród Éireann.

It is essential to understand that complaints will only be dealt with if they are made in writing, verbal, telephone or email are not counted.

Be clear about the dates, times and the train you where on, a coach number would be handy if the issue relates to broken heating for example. Be very clear about any lack of information, poor communication and if you where not told about your entitlement to a refund (once delayed by more than one hour). Take a look at the refund possibilities and insist on their full application. Keep a copy of everything you send in, far too often things go missing....

Note the day you send it in and drop us a line at if you don't get a response. The only way in which Iarnród Éireann can be brought to account is by you providing solid proof of failures to meet the agreed targets to us so that we can make a stronger case.

Iarnród Éireann is split up into three separate divisions for operating purposes, DART, Southern and Western and Northern and Eastern.

Below we provide contact information for the various offices, note even we don't have the contact names and numbers for many since we can't find them.

Southern and Western

All services to/from Heuston except Waterford, this includes all local Cork, Limerick and Kildare line services as well as Limerick - Waterford.

Customer Relations
Southern and Western
Iarnród Éireann
Heuston Station
Dublin 8

Contact 01 703 4499


All DART services, this does not include commuter services within the DART area (see Northern and Eastern).

Customer Services
Iarnród Éireann
Pearse Station
Westland Row
Dublin 2

Contact 01 703 3504

Also note walk in office in Pearse station, proceed up stairs to southbound platform and its the first door on the left, proceed up stairs to the office, but be careful opening the door.

Northern and Eastern

All services to/from Connolly station, including all suburban services, the Enterprise service to Belfast as well as the Dublin Waterford line and Waterford Rosslare.

Customer Services
Northern and Eastern
Iarnród Éireann
Connolly Station
Amiens Street
Dublin 1

Contact 01 703 2601
Fax (01) 703 4369

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