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Who Is In Charge?

One of the great mysteries of transport in Ireland is actually who runs it, the names of the managers are closely guarded secrets you won't find any useful information on any other website. In light of this we have complied a list of all the senior managers in the three rail transport bodies, Iarnród Éireann, Railway Procurement Agency and Veolia Transport (formerly Connex). Where possible we provide a postal address.

Iarnród Éireann

Its really hard to find out who runs Irish Rail, its not anywhere to be found online, in the timetable or other company publication. So after much investigation we found out. We make no apologies for the poor quality of the photographs, they were tricky to find. Normally companies are more than happy to identify, name and provide a photo of their senior management team. The transport operator in Northern Ireland, Translink certainly do.

The only three senior operational managers left in Irish Rail

left to right
Dick Fearn, Chief Exec, Tom Devoy GM DART and Cal Carmichael GM N&E

Chief Executive Officer: Dick Fearn (1)
ex Railtrack Midland and Network South East UK previously Chief Operating Officer IE replaced Joe Meagher as CEO April 2005
Southside DART commuter

Chief Operating Officer: Vacant (1)

Deputy CEO, Director of Engineering & Chief Mechanical Engineer: Unknown
previously Phil Verster, Directory of Engineering South Eastern Trains UK and Bombardier. Returned to UK late 2011

Chief Infrastructure: ? (3)

Corporate Communications Manager: Barry Kenny (1)
Left to work for Ryanair summer 2000 returned weeks later
Northside DART commuter

General Manager Intercity and Commmuter Network (ICCN): Cal Carmichael (1)
Previously GM Northern and Eastern, merged with GM Southern and Western Oct 2007 upon return of Southern and Western GM to UK, ex Railtrack Scotland UK
Northern line commuter

Assistant GM ICCN: Ciaran Masterson (1)
Formerly district manager Connolly

DART: Tom Devoy (4)
ex District Manager Northern line
Northern line commuter

Marketing: Paul O'Kelly (1)

Rosslare: John P Lynch

Depot Manager Drogheda: Maurice O'Shea

Director New Works: Don Cunningham

Railway Procurement Agency

Chief Executive Officer: Frank Allen (5)

Project Manager Luas: Michael Sheedy (5)

Head Dublin Metro: Rory O'Connor (5)

Transport Planning Manager: Tom O'Reilly (5)
Formerly with Dublin Transportation Office

Connex/Veolia Transport Ireland

Managing Director: Richard Du Jardin (6)

Commercial Manager: Vincent Eaves (6)

Communications Manager: Dervla Brophy (6)

Operations Manager: Brian Brennan (6)
Formerly with Connex South Eastern UK


  1. Iarnród Éireann
    Connolly Station
    Dublin 1

  2. Iarnród Éireann
    Heuston Station
    Dublin 8

  3. Iarnród Éireann
    Inchicore Works
    Dublin 8

  4. Iarnród Éireann
    Pearse Station
    Westland Row
    Dublin 2

  5. Railway Procurement Agency
    Parkgate Business Centre
    Parkgate St
    Dublin 8

  6. Veolia Transport
    Luas Depot
    Red Cow Roundabout
    Dublin 22

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