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Passenger Issues

We should not have to put up with second-rate rail services. It is clear that Ireland's rail infrastructure needs more investment, see the campaigns section of this website. But Rail Users Ireland are also involved in campaigning for improvement to Ireland's existing rail services we need improvement in punctuality, customer service, passenger information. This section of the website tells you about our campaigns on issues that affect us as day-to-day passengers on Ireland's railways

Why can't our trains run on time?

It is scandalous that Irish Rail have actually padded all train timetables in order to claim that their trains are running on time even when trains are running slower than ten years ago (and before huge investment was made in track and signaling). Read about how Iarnród Eireann is cheating the rail passenger with delays and bad punctuality>>

Customer Service IE need to get it right

There is no excuse for not giving passengers information in an accurate, friendly and approachable manner. Every week we hear reports of members of the public being frustrated by unfriendly staff and non-existent or indecipherable train announcements. There are Irish Rail staff who work very hard to help passengers, so why can't this be the same across the board? Read about our campaign for Iarnród Eireann to put the customer first>>

Signage and information at stations

A train stations win awards for flower displays yet have no timetable showing when the trains will arrive? Read how Iarnród Eireann need to stop treating their customers like psychics and let them know where they want to get to>>

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