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Information For Rail Passengers

This section aims to be the definitive source of useful information for rail and Luas passengers providing information and advice Iarnród Éireann and Veoila (Luas) either won't tell you or don't want to tell you. This section aims to empower you to travel for less, to maximise the value you get from your ticket, to obtain refunds where they are due and know the rules and people who are in charge. As a service to rail users, we will be adding and updating information in this section on a regular basis as new information comes to light.

Getting A Refund

If your train is delayed, or you bought a ticket and could not travel or indeed traveled and had a reservation but where left standing you may be entitled to a refund. Read our simple guide and get the forms you need to fill

Ticketing Explained

Understanding the various ticketing options is often an arduous task. There a hidden options, tickets can be valid for a lot more than the destinations printed on them. You can travel for significantly less than what you may think if you play smart. Read the Rail Users Ireland guide to ticketing options for Irish Rail

Bringing Your Bike

Irish Rail provide zero information on bringing your bike by rail. We explain clearly how to find out which trains can carry bikes. We also clear up the confusion concerning the carriage of fold up bikes. Read on >>.

Fares Matrix For Dublin

Up until recently the suburban timetable booklet used to have a matrix allowing you to work out the fare between any 2 stations. We have even updated the matrix to include recently opened stations such as Adamstown. We also include the weekly and monthly fares including the relatively unknown Rail + Luas tickets. Browse the matrix to work out your fare.

Luas Fares Details

The Luas system works on a zonal system despite this the fares are different depending on which line you travel on, indeed some may even vary depending on the time of day! Read More >>

Guide to Complaining

As we all well know Iarnród Éireann don't respond to complaints, read our tips on how to complain efficently and where to send your complaint to and how Iarnród Éireann are meant to respond. Read More >>

Who Is Actually In Charge

One of the great mysteries of transport in Ireland is actually who runs it, we have almost a full list of all senior managers of both Iarnród Éireann and Veoila (Luas) Read More >>

Legal Information

Ever wanted to know what those terms and conditions actually are? Want to find out about the bye-laws are, want to educate yourself so you can challenge Iarnród Éireann staff if they turn on you. Read More >>

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