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  1. Sligo Line - Media Reporting
  2. Westport Line - Media Reporting
  3. Limerick City Rail - Media Reporting
  4. WRC - Media Reporting
  5. Athlone-Mullingar
  6. Mobile Phone = New Smart Card?
  7. Lobby group slams 'rip-off' rail fares in Louth/Meath
  8. Broadstone
  9. Navan - Media Issues
  10. T21 Parliamentary Debates
  11. 3.8% Fare Rise Coming in 2006
  12. Official appointed to get public’s view on LUAS extension
  13. Tuskar Hogan in the Indo Today
  14. Commuter Tickets Price 2006?
  15. Intercity railcars media reporting
  16. Nenagh group rails at lack of commuter service
  17. [Article] Kildare Route Project
  18. [Article] Serious flaws found in Luas system
  19. [Article] Lobby Loudly To Ensure Dart Is Delivered Says Rail Group
  20. Second tube strike looms in London
  21. RPA Looking For Something To Do...
  22. [Article] Department refuses to release data on metro
  23. Presentations & Public Meetings
  24. IEI - Roads and Transportation Society presentation
  25. [Press Release] Platform 11 joins European passenger body
  26. Bertie in the driving seat (of a train) on tour of Delhi
  27. John Lynch on Today FM, 22/1/05
  28. [Press Release] Luas - Make reports public.
  29. Chamber getting impatient with Cullen
  30. Luas
  31. Barry Kenny writes in Metro
  32. A blast from the past
  33. North South Cooperation
  34. Irish Rail mast row set for High Court
  35. [Article] Rail drivers angry at 'safety pressure', here we go again
  36. [Press Release] Railway For Navan Real Action Needed Not More Talk
  37. Transport Minister 'to be named next week'
  38. [Article] New commission to oversee railway safety
  39. Irish businesses want tunnel to Britain
  40. First sod turned on Transport 21 scheme
  41. Transport Seminar
  42. [Press Release] More disregard for hard pressed commuters
  43. The Future of Transport in Dublin - IEI
  44. [Article] Public inquiry into 7.5km Luas extension to Cherrywood opens
  45. Metro to remove 41,000 cars from Dublin
  46. Platform 11 Reports
  47. METRO NORTH - Platform 11 Statement.
  48. [article] Station will cater for 20,000 commuters
  49. Three held after car hits Luas tram
  50. RPA don't want to know
  51. EC to investigate complaints about state aid to CIE
  52. Dublin-Cork to take just two hours on 200kmh train
  53. Cullen launches Metro North public consultation
  54. [article] More Dublin buses needed, review warns
  55. [PR] Belfast Dublin Enterprise - Industrial Action
  56. Report highlights Irish greenhouse gas output
  57. Joan Burton gets written reply from Cullen wrt Spencer Dock
  58. [Article] Canadian transport boss details route Dublin must follow
  59. [Article] Teenage graffiti 'artist' from England collared on DART
  62. [Article] Integrated Ticketing
  63. [article] Mayo freight train service starts
  64. P11 PR: New €117million train carriages blocked by unions
  65. [article] Irish Rail to seek reopening of line to Midleton
  66. [article] Metro submissions positive
  67. [article] RPA prefers central Ballymun route for Dublin's metro line north
  68. Sligo to Dublin airport – on the underground
  69. Dublin Bus says new LUAS line could hamper services
  70. DoT's strategy for next 3 years
  71. [article] Another truck strikes bridge
  72. [article] Extended Luas line will need to be replaced by 2020
  73. [article] Luas extension should go ahead, says report
  74. [article] Iarnród Éireann initiate study on Shannon rail link
  75. [Letter] Iarnród Éireann bike policy
  76. [Letter] Don't trust what Irish Rail say
  77. [ARTICLE] ‘Radical planning solutions’ needed to cope with growth
  78. [article] Cullen set to approve new tracks and stations on Kildare rail route
  80. [article] Cullen promises move on integrated ticketing
  81. [article] One Dart suicide a month
  82. [ARTICLE] Mallow’s population to swell to 30,000
  83. [article] Independent review of disruptive Luas project crucial
  84. [article]ATGWU wants pay increases linked to economic growth
  85. [article] The Interconnector Reannouncement list
  86. [RTÉ onlone] Rail services from Cork cancelled
  87. [PRESS RELEASE] Rail Users Group Condems Unofficial Strike Action By IE Drivers
  88. Irish Rail advertising campaign
  89. [PRESS RELEASE] Where is the Minister for Transport?
  90. Iarnród Éireann finally respond (not worth reading)
  91. The strike is over.
  92. [Letter] Interconnector rail tunnel
  93. [Letter] Gauging the DART problem
  94. Ryder Cup Train Services
  95. Munster Red Day
  96. [article] Protesters object to railway walk development
  97. Luas for Galway Bid
  98. [article] Commuter safety at risk as fainting spate hits crowded, creaking trains
  99. [ireland.com] Gridlock costing CIE €80m a year - NBRU
  100. [article] Rail plans on the wrong track
  101. [Irish Rail News] Midleton line Railway Order process underway
  102. [Article] Non-stop train takes hurling fans the long way to Tipperary
  103. [article]Dublin Bus to begin using biodiesel in tour bus fleet
  104. Platform 11 AGM
  105. [Article] Vandalism of Carrick-On-Suir trains putting schedules at risk
  106. [Ir Times letter] First Aid at rail stations
  107. [article] Western Rail Corridor
  108. 'Fast trains' a step closer on Dublin to Cork route
  109. [ad] Metro north consultation - P11 route
  110. [article]Dublin Transit Authority
  111. Cowen on Infrastructure
  112. Platform 11 Committee
  113. Tara Street Station
  114. public transport in dublin
  115. New high-speed Dublin-Belfast train planned
  116. [article] Aiken Promotions in train rip off
  117. Call for authority to manage Dublin traffic
  118. Annual Reporting EBITA vs Actual profit
  119. Work begins on Docklands train station
  120. newstalk 106 sean moncrieff
  121. indo letter 28 Jun
  122. Iarnrod Eireann to develop air rights over Connolly?
  123. [article] CCTV to play key role in sex-on-DART inquiry
  124. Official launch of new trains.
  125. Media notice
  126. Business wants underground Dublin Metro
  127. New train carriages to double capacity on Cork-Dublin line
  128. Fire Brigade put out train on fire
  129. Luas overcrowding
  130. Streaker holds up Limerick train
  131. Irish Times Article on Metro routing
  132. Bord na Mona row affecting ESB plants
  133. Wasting my money again
  134. [19-7-2006] Maynooth Line
  135. A 15 year old and Irish Rail
  136. Ryanair axe west of Ireland flights to London
  137. advert for rail safety commission - Chief Investigator
  138. North to get extra E585m for roads
  139. Kerry line delays
  140. Irelands Rail Passenger Lobby Group slams the Irish Rail 2005 annual report
  141. Platform 11 success at Luas C1 inquiry
  142. Govt announces plans to abolish free-travel restrictions
  143. [article] Summer's a slog
  144. Overcrowding -Evening Herald
  145. KRP - Reannounced
  146. Website Updates
  147. [article] Cullen Gives Go-ahead for Luas Extension
  148. [wire] NI public transport opened to private firms
  149. More commuter stops needed at Woodlawn
  150. German railway introduces virtual tickets
  151. [Article] Irish Rail lands in rough over Ryder Cup fares
  152. Indo,25Aug2006 "D-day looms for Metro rail route"
  153. Ecomonist gives opinions on Metro
  154. Unoffical Bus Strike Thursday Evening
  155. DAA Announce Airport Plans
  156. Capitial D RTE 1 7pm Thursday 7-9-2006
  157. Rail strike in Cork
  158. Trains came close to collision at station
  159. Mum’s the word for Transport Minister
  160. What A Spanner
  161. More PD/FF Bickering over the busses
  162. SBP - Midland Rail and Meath on Track
  163. Mícheál Mac Gréil opinion piece
  164. [P11 Press Release] Regular rail users come second
  165. European Survey
  166. If only I had the money................
  167. 19.30 Hrs ex Cork. 24/9/06
  168. [Article] Cullen signs off on Ennis Athenry
  169. [article] Inquiry launched after train carriages filled with smoke
  170. Today's Star[B][I]"Unsafe" train halted by angry protestor [/I][/B]
  171. Rail firm to tackle overcrowding by taking out seats
  172. [Article]Waterford commuter rail link 'would ease gridlock'
  173. de paper: C&AG attacks management for integrated ticketing ‘fiasco’
  174. Luas bashing back in the Indo
  175. Cork Kent Station €4m revamp
  176. [article] Metro to save millions by banning tunnelling payouts
  177. P11 News Item. "Maps are Back."
  178. P11 News Item. "DART Fiasco"
  179. Metro North Route
  180. [P11 Press Release] Announcement of Metro North Route
  181. Newstalk 106 23:15 19-10-2006
  182. Questions and Answers
  183. ESRI advocates Bus based alternatives to rail investment
  184. Irish Times Letter Today
  185. [Article] Commuter railway ‘could carry four million per year’
  186. Cork council backs reopening of Midleton line
  187. RPA ads for metro north station at Parnell square
  188. [Article] Cullen to announce details of Dublin Transport Authority
  189. [article] Cicrle line
  190. Dead man found in train toilet
  191. [ireland.com] Transport body will hold firms accountable - Cullen
  192. Germany to privatise Deutsche Bahn
  193. DART News story
  194. [P11 Press Release] DART fleet under capacity - The truth
  195. [Article] Tram driver sacked for failing surprise breath test
  196. [article] Transport and environment to get €6bn
  197. Deja vu as promises sound oddly familiar
  198. Metro west route
  199. Melbourne's computerised train brakes fail < From Risks list>
  200. [Article]Labour promises cheaper bus fares
  201. [article] Bus and rail strike threatened by union
  202. extra train services as part of operation Obey the bleedin traffic rules
  203. Luas operator buys Galway bus firm
  204. "Dublin infrastructure not able to cope"
  205. DTA survey
  206. Supreme Court overturns €111,000 paid to amputee who fell asleep on train tracks
  207. Late night DART
  208. Sunday services on the Kildare line
  209. Capital’s transport body plan bypassed [Article]
  210. irish indo:The train now arriving is first for 100 years
  211. Newstalk today
  212. Economics "Expert" reviews T21
  213. [article] Docklands Luas C1 approved
  214. Endgame CIE?
  215. Ambitious plans for Carlow outlined
  216. The Holy Gospel of Sean Barrett according to the Village
  217. LUAS operators criticised over peak-time fare increase
  218. 0.26km Tube trip is most expensive on earth
  219. [Article] Some train journeys slower than 20 years ago
  220. Cigar smoker delays rush-hour train
  221. [IT] Single planning body needed for Dublin area
  222. Irish Independent 18 Jan 2007
  223. Dublin-Cork road trip to drop to two hours and 15 minutes [Article]
  224. Train collides with vehicle in Galway
  225. [article] Green light for rail line re-opening
  226. IE considering new station at Mater and ...
  227. Independent article on rail transport
  228. Croke Park Traffic Plan
  229. yippee they're gonna announce re-opening the Middleton line....
  230. NDP (2007-2013) launched
  231. [Article] Integrated ticket system ‘a mess’
  232. Rail worker hit by train awarded €300,000
  233. Hotel Re-devlopement in Bray
  234. from Irish indo 7Feb2007 : Railway chiefs look skyward
  235. Oyster rolled out further around London.
  236. widening Portmarnock station bridge
  237. RTE 1 NOW!!!
  238. Transport: CIE ready to roll out fleet of new 'green energy' streetcars
  239. Work begins on Luas Green Line extention - Irish Independent - 27 February 2007
  240. CIE plans for Horgans Quay Cork - refused outright
  241. RAIL ROW
  242. Politicians and Rail Safety
  243. DOT Announce new trains
  244. New Intercity fleet finally arrives
  245. DB sell rail tickets!!!!
  246. THE WRC
  247. [Article] Cullen still to sign-off €139m commuter upgrade
  248. BBC News Europe: France opens fastest railway link
  249. Leixlip Staion
  250. Today FM Last Word 16:30-17:00