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  1. On train information and the lack thereof, post your experience
  2. Frequently Asked Customer Service Issues - Dublin Region
  3. Letter in Metro Newspaper re Ticket Machines
  4. yearly tickets only 11 month tickets?
  5. Update - On train information
  6. Clonsilla-Malahide fare?
  7. In station information, the lack thereof and the quality thereof
  8. Open panel and fuse box
  9. [11-4-2006] Points Failure at Pearse Tonight
  10. A few questions...
  11. People not using ticket machines
  12. Its time to stand up to the vandals and troublemakers
  13. Missing DART/Commuter Maps
  14. IE's ticket machines & through LUAS tickets
  15. Night trains
  16. Stupid Sign in Pearse Station...
  17. No Air Conditioning - Its like A Sauna Out There
  18. buying a ticket at Pearse
  19. clamping at train stations
  20. Station displays
  21. "exact fare only" but there's no way of knowing what it is
  22. Car Park Liabilty
  23. Train horn
  24. Information on on-platform displays.
  25. Student tickets...
  26. Overcrowding - students are back!
  27. Dont use the real time suburban information thing on the IE site
  28. IE Response
  29. Baby it's cold outside...
  30. Price Hike
  31. [20-12-2006] Pearse
  32. 2007 Dublin Suburban Fares
  33. What your extra fare gets you.
  34. Station Opening Hours.
  35. Ticket Checking at connolly
  36. Local station maps
  37. smart cards at new ticketing machines/CIE in general
  38. Pensioners - and automatic ticket checking
  39. Annual taxsaver ticket keeps failing
  40. Childrens fares from ticket machines ?
  41. Irish Rail at its very best
  42. Problem with connolly services this tuesday evening
  43. Tara St. back door open
  44. Trains with no air-con or heating... report here
  45. shortage of commuter railcars
  46. Athenry - Galway 2009 vs Athenry - Ennis 2008
  47. Yet another great example of customer service
  48. Explanation of fires on the 29000 commuter railcars
  49. Iarnr√≥d √Čireann has advised customers of service arrangements on DART, Commuter and R
  50. Changes to exit validation
  51. irish rail real time information for pda/mobile phone users
  52. balbriggan station tried to charge me 33 for a return to Arklow
  53. An attempt to mis-sell
  54. The early trains are important too.
  55. Getting Monthly Tickets
  56. Rambler ticket questions
  57. Irish Rail Guide For Rail Passengers With Disabilities
  58. Car Parking
  59. Pay Parking at stations - unjustifiable rip off
  60. The Pearse (street) confusion continues
  61. When Real Time Information Goes Crazy
  62. Funny announcment this morning
  63. Revenue check- FIRE HAZARD
  64. Train Tourched In Argentina
  65. Train announcements
  66. Dunshauglin rail proposal
  67. Taxsaver price increases on the way
  68. Annual Ticket Refund ??
  69. Belmayne goes under
  70. RP at Pearse
  71. taxsaver tickets
  72. Hazelhatch Station on a Frosty Morning
  73. The 02 arena and IEs lack of inititive
  74. Ticket gates issues
  75. Services over Christmas
  76. Pearse station roof
  77. Smart Card Validation Machines
  78. Spam posts
  79. Annual/Monthly Tickets
  80. Increase in ticket checks
  81. Price decreases
  82. Delayed trains /chaos in Heuston
  83. Barry Kenny on newstalk last friday
  84. [29-4-2009] last train problems tonight
  85. Railline along the royal canal
  86. Cork-Midleton line opening next month
  87. new timetable screens at Connolly Station
  88. [20/6/2009 - 1/9/2009] FAO Lansdowne Road Passengers
  89. [2-7-2009] eagles concert at RDS last night
  90. [Article] Irish times article on business analythics "analyse this"
  91. Security of bike lockups at commuter stations
  92. Any hopes of later services for u2 concerts
  93. Guess what station has been added to intercity arrivals board
  94. [23-7-2009] Problems this morning
  95. Malahide viaduct
  96. Bikes On Board
  97. Who controls the flow of trains through Connolly
  98. Major works in Connolly Pearse area weekend of November 7th 2009?
  99. Autumn leaves and wheelslip
  100. Left luggage at Connolly
  101. Ticket Question - Annual Bus and Rail
  102. Lost Luggage
  103. Heating/Aircon not working? Report here.
  104. Annual Short Hop Rail and Bus - Smart card?
  105. Failed taxsaver ticket
  106. Connolly Ticket Vendor Issues
  107. Smart cards
  108. Safety issue - doors opening where they're not supposed
  109. Sallins to Ashtown
  110. Trains arriving early.
  111. Launch of Dublin Short Hop Zone Smartcard
  112. Dublin Area Schoolchild Tickets
  113. Alcohol on commuter trains
  114. Delays this evening - bridge strike at Tara St.
  115. network direct - changes to ballyfermot and finglas routes
  116. Tailgating
  117. Point to Point Annual Ticket 2011 prices
  118. New Map
  119. Real Time Information during the snow
  120. Realtime information on website not correct
  121. please mind the gap!
  122. [Article] Phoenix Park parking problems
  123. First time Public transport user? Pricing Naas-DIT Aungier St
  124. Why is new DART timetable not online?
  125. Parking at Heuston
  126. Taxsaver annual passes to be split again for 2012!
  127. Bit of a shambles at Connolly tonight
  128. Pearse - new info signs
  129. Rip Off Car Parking at Hazelhatch Station
  130. Maynooth line- level crossing incident?
  131. Free wifi extended to 29k commuter trains
  132. Does Translink's wet leaf excuse hold water?
  133. Flood warnings for Cork and Dublin
  134. Fixed penalty notice not filled in properly
  135. Train Drivers and Engineers Checking Tickets?
  136. Heuston: Separate smartcard/ticket validation
  137. Am I thick?? Help!
  138. Bus and rail passengers face threat of new fare hikes
  139. Ill Passenger this morning 22 July 2013
  140. NTA approved fare zones
  141. Pearse Station Roof Finally To Be Refurbished
  142. [14.10.2013] Reduced peaktime DART capacity due to driver issue
  143. Malahide Shuttle service
  144. Car Free Sundays
  145. Student rail fares
  146. Hottest day of the year- and the heating on!
  147. Journey Times on Maynooth line
  148. Topping up a Leap Card
  149. Increase in Fares
  150. Clonsilla to Drogheda journey
  151. Could IE cope with an influx of passengers?
  152. Exit Ticket Validators 'Out of service'
  153. Timetable consultation for DART/commuter 2016 now online
  154. Utter farce on Maynooth line this morning
  155. Irish Rail's advice for Connolly passengers heading to Bloom
  156. Public Consultation PPT & Heuston Services 2016
  157. Airport line
  158. 29000 DMUs - Poor Condition
  159. Unmitigated disaster!
  160. Capacity Kildare South
  161. Why are commuter fares in Galway so expensive?
  162. New Dublin Rail Map / Feedback Wanted
  163. Irish Rail and Go-Ahead in times of Disruption
  164. Daily service cancellations
  165. Livery on 29K trains
  166. Alternative "Metro Dublin" Proposal
  167. new timetable